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Rainbow Soft Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone

Rainbow Soft Liquid Silicone Case for iPhone

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Liquid Silicone Phone Case Material: Liquid Silicone Which is the true Liquid Silicone, which is anti-dust better than over 95% silicone cases and provides a sturdy, two-layer design for strengthened toughness and the smoothest touch ever. Furthermore, by embracing every corner, the inside microfiber cushion prevents any abrasion.

Raised Bevel Camera Design: The camera has a unique Raised Bevel beautiful design. This can provide additional lens protection while also allowing for the use of a wide-angle camera and a flashlight.

The quality Phone rubber case is elegant and stylish, bestowing confidence and aesthetic taste to its owner. It stays dry and clean all the time since dust and grime are easily removed from the case.

Easy to Clean: Any stain on the case can be simply removed with a moist rag. Maintain a clean phone case at all times.

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